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A savory collection of 200 conversation, thought and laughter provoking quotes selected to ignite a fire in your imagination and laughter in your belly.

The Perfect Gift for the Person who has Everything!

Three Versions:
Life in General / Love & Romance / Success & Money
(10% profit from every can sold is donated to Child’s Advocate Programs (CASA))
Child’s Advocates are a strong voice for children in the dependency court.
Volunteers are always needed.

Consciousness in a Can™ was created to appeal to the philosopher that lives inside everyone. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, a good laugh, or a different perspective on things, Consciousness in a Can™ provides immediate satisfaction.

Amy Glin, creator of the product, read over 500,000 quotes before selecting the final contents. “A quote had to either start me laughing, get me thinking or make me want to talk about it to make the final cut.” says Glin. “Collecting quotes is a never-ending activity. I’m now collecting for the next set of cans; Life in General II, Creativity & The Arts, Food & Drink and Show Business, Politics & Sex. It’s a fun process; I get very inspired.”

Consciousness in a Can™ is a thoughtful gift to give to your boss, employees, business associates, clients, friends, husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother, everyone you can think of... and, when you don’t know what to get for someone, a little consciousness goes a long way!

Consciousness in a Can™ is available in stores across the country. Visit our web site for a listing of retail outlets or to order directly. We can always be reached toll-free at 1.877.778.3100.

Consciousness in a Can - Suggested Retail Price $20.

Samples available upon request.